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tv   [untitled]    January 18, 2013 5:00am-5:30am PST

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promotes the local businesses and the use of the district and would not replace a retail tenant because the project is vacant and consistent with the octaves and policies of the general plan and complies with the local first hiring program. that concludes my presentation and staff recommends approval with conditions and i am available for questions. >> thank you. project sponsor. >> good afternoon commissioners. jeremy shaw project architect with gable architects. i just wanted to briefly go over the history of this project. i am sure you have seen a drawing. this is our third time being here so just want to go over the history of our client purchasing the
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project in 2010. we submitted the conditional use application in july of that year and have been working on this for two and a half years now and the first notice on 2011 and the notice of intent to do environmental review. we've had since then two other neighborhood notifications for pre-application and conditional use and we have been in contact with a couple different neighborhood groups, and we had a second neighborhood meeting on the week before thanksgiving this year -- or last year. we've worked through some revisions with the neighborhood groups, and we think we have a project that the neighborhood should be in full support of. i will be available for any questions you may have. thank you. >> thank you. i'm going to open it up to public comments and a couple of speaker cards here.
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irene kreskoa. shane sew, allen lie and theresa dickcue. >> good evening president fong and commissioners. my name is irene kreshio and this is henny laura and we're board members of the neighborhood association, pna, and long-term residents of the district. we are here to support the development of the 2895 san bruno avenue project as is in their latest blue print. many of the other members were want able to be here, so i will be speaking on their behalf. i have a letter to read that was sent to president fong, and i have copies here for president fong and the commissioners. thank you. so i will read the
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letter and it says "dear commissioner fong the neighborhood association, the pna, a group of residents, merchants and stakeholders of the district urges the commission to approve the development proposed -- proposal located at 2895 san bruno avenue. since 2004 we have been working to improve the corridor by greening beautification elements. past efforts include the planning of over a hundred lilies, installation of wine barrel planners and numerous trees along the corridor. the pna hosted a community meeting with jeremy shaw, gabriel ying,
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architects presented updates from the original plan which included a number of greening conditions that the pna has requested. mr. shaw and staff worked closely with the pna on their request maintaining ongoing communications with the community. upon reviewing the most recent plan dated december 6, 2012 we are happy to support the project based on conditional use. we are confident that the architects and owners of the property will continue to work with the community to insure this is a project that everyone can be proud of. we look forward to continually working with them" and one thing i wanted to say. maybe you don't already know, but the group, the neighborhood and environment network has given them an award for the best come back neighborhood of 2012
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and i thought that might be of interest to you, so again we ask you for your support on this development. thank you. >> thank you. shane sew, allen lie, theresa dickcue. >> good afternoon. i'm living in the san bruno avenue and strict parking there already congested and all day long and if you build the building, the full story, it will cost to double park and a lot of accidents, the car accidents. that's why -- i live across the street i'm not safe at all. that's why we have to omit one floor, one story of that
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building because it's full story. if that area they don't have full story houses. and also the parking. i am living just across the street and i experience of the parking because all of the parking i will see everyday, and the business for us is already reduced a lot as i believe if they build the full building and a lot of people and dwelling and offices and commercial it would cost a lot of cost. parking makes the people -- people will fight for the parking for sure. if you would live there you would see it. that's why i am against that building to have
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the fourth story and then i live across the street. i am very experience of my whole family come back home can't find any parking at all, and we can park very far, four blocks and at night it's very dangerous. i hope you are against the fourth story. you can omit one story and have parking for the whole people. that's my item. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello commissioner
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interpreter. >> how are you guys? >> [speaking foreign language] >> i'm a man in this neighborhood. >> [speaking foreign language] >> i'm also speaking for other businessmen in this neighborhood. >> excuse me. if i could just interrupt you. if you could state your name for the record? >> i'm sorry? >> if he could state his name for the record. >> my name is allen lye. >> [speaking foreign language] >> parking is a real extreme important issue on this street. >> [speaking foreign language] >> a lot of customer get parking tickets from time to time. >> [speaking foreign language] >> of course we are not against
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the building. >> [speaking foreign language] >> i wish they could reserve the parking space for the neighborhood to use. >> [speaking foreign language] >> consider the building is tall so you can think how much parking space can be reserved. >> [speaking foreign language] >> that's all i got to say. i hope you gentlemen can understand my voice. >> okay. thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner.
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good afternoon. my name is theresa dukekey and manager for the san francisco apartment center. i'm just -- this is my -- the letters and also we will present most -- you know, we are presenting the asian community. okay. this community having discuss the project at 2895 san bruno avenue with local merchants and concerned community member. although we are in general support the development goal to improve a vacant lot but we cannot fully support the project as currently designed. our special concern is as follow. number one, as proposed the project would negligently impact the area
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with offices. san bruno avenue is already congested during all hours of the day. i don't know if you know that san bruno avenue is a very narrow street. the second one is the street parking is already severe limited and we believe that the square footage of the store front offices should have additional parking. number three, san bruno avenue is a transition and vacants and [inaudible] is ongoing concern. this project will exacerbate the problem. we don't believe the corridor can accommodate the store front and office space and another 10 residential. we are very concerned about the layout of the second floor could be post inspection, illegal resident conversions so when you look at the plan it can be
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easily converted into res residentials. okay. when you see the -- you know, san bruno avenue that's a lot of vacant offices there and number four, the project will be the only building along san bruno avenue that is four stories. we understand this is allowed under the planning code but we are very concerned that no effort will soften the visual impact of the building. at the fourth floor the building is out of scale with the pad along the corridor. we believe that the height of the building -- profit driven only and just now we're are talking we want to reserve the preservations of san bruno avenue. it's all breen breen is three story. we want to reserve that preservations so one of the
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core beliefs of the empowerment center is to find solutions. we offer the option for your consideration. remove the second floor -- >> ma'am, i'm sorry. your three minutes are up. >> okay. we have other -- i have a letter but the main thing -- >> thank you. >> we have other signature from the business. >> thank you. your three minutes are up. >> 80% are against the project. >> thank you. you can leave that with us if you like. is there any additional public comment on this item? okay. seeing none the public comment portion is closed. commissioner antonini. >> i had a few questions on the project. i'm just making sure i have the staff report correct. since our last hearing and this has been changed and we now have 15 parking places instead of just the 10, so and that would
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be some residential and some commercial. how would the distribution be? maybe the architect could answer? >> jeremy shaw, project architect. we converted the proposed two car garage in the rear to three car garage and utilizing all spaces and it's exclusively for the residential. >> okay. so you now have -- i guess you've got how many total units on this. >> 10. >> so 1.5. that's fine. that makes sense to me. the other question i have, and maybe this a question i will just ask you. these are for sale units? >> undetermined at this point. >> yeah, but i mean your condo conversion -- >> they will be condo mapped. >> i was trying to look through and read -- i should have done
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this in the report. are the conversions all two bedrooms? >> this is something ben and i was talking about outside. there are different sizes. >> so you've got good size units. that's very good. >> yeah. >> now the final thing and i am concerned about staff had brought up the -- you've got ground floor retail and then you've got second floor office. >> correct. >> and i would like to suggest to the commissioners that we pass some notice of special restrictions to ensure the community they're not converted into living units and there be some kind of specification that inspections are made. >> sure. >> on a regular basis to make sure they're uses are conforming and the purpose is what stated for and not to add more residents which would negate the more parking because they would have more cars. >> sure. >>i think that occurs most of my questions and the design is
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good and good addition for the neighborhood. >> commissioner sugaya. >> yes just a question probably by commissioner antonini and some testimony. would residential be allowed on the second floor anyway? >> residential will be allowed on the second floor. >> and then -- but then we have a parking issue. is that correct. >> well, not necessarily. the lot does allow total 14 residential units so they can -- up to 14. >> okay. so it's conceivable that even if we approve -- if we approve it are we approving as offices, apartments and retail. >> correct. >> in the numbers being proposed. >> correct. sorry. >> so any conversion on the second floor say to four units, the max allowed isn't allowed at this point. >> they could change the use
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and there is a change of use process and go through our permit process. >> okay. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah, i was just confused about that because we're approving 10 units, but there is a possibility of converting some of the commercial space on the second floor to residential. is that what you're saying? >> maybe i can clarify. >> yeah. >> it would be allowed to have that many units. the reason we haven't purely is based on the building code. if we have more than two units per lot we have to include a second stair case and eat up an extra 150 feet per floor which is why we designed it the way we did. >> and staff would have to come back to us or did administratively? i feel more comfortable -- >> you could do it right now. you could require that is residential use for that space,
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but we need to also include that in the administrative request. that is part of the zoning administrator for this and they could do it at a later date and do the parking as well. >> i want to make sure we pass what we're ending up w i think the 10 units makes sense. the neighborhood spoke against additional residences and i was speaking on the notice of restrictions and if there are additional units there needs to be a process where they need to come for another permitting process at least, or maybe before the commission to convert what is commercial into residential space. >> they wouldn't be required to come back to you convert the commercial to the residential. that would not come to the commission but they have to do a notice, change of use, and planning department review
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through a building permit. >> yeah. >> yeah. commission, [inaudible] architect. the reason we choose to do two units is owner -- [inaudible] for two unit for several issue. one for three unit we will have to provide two sets of stair so we will have entrance in the front and exit in the front, so it will reduce area. that's one reason, and the other reason it will be very difficult for us to convert to three unit because of the building code regulation. it's almost like impossible. we have to take down 50% of the building to put in the third unit, so he has no intention to put another unit on each building, so it will be remaining as two unit building and office on the second floor
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and ground floor retail. >> thank you. because that kind of addresses my concerns and we have townhouse type units, each of these units have up stairs and downstairs. >> no. it's a flat. two residential flat and front and back office and what we found out on san bruno avenue some office they have vacancy but looking at those really huge, 5,000, 3,000 square foot, but 1,000 square foot office is desirable. maybe accountant, architect, small office or if they want it bicker they can combine two office into one so that's the idea with the design and come from a small office and want to have a little bit bigger they can have bigger, but limit to one floor because five buildings so it's limited. the
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biggest is possible about 15 to 1600 square foot office. >> okay. thank you. it lookses like a good project. >> commissioner moore. >>i think the restrictions to going into different uses [inaudible] and architect explained and i am comfortable moving this. >> commissioner hillis. >> i agree and i like the fact that we don't normally see second floor uses for office and we have dental offices where there is not a lot of retail. >> it's an active use. >> commissioner wu. >> could i just ask a question about the bmr unit. i see a two bedroom unit and one bedroom unit allocated for bmr's and
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the decision will be made later for rental or ownership according to the project sponsor. >> correct. >> thank you. and bmr's are they slated to be in the same building or different building? >> there are one requirement and the sponsor has that as a three bedroom unit. >> commissioner wu if i could clarify under the housing legislation 20% reduction triggers reduction of two to one and right now one unit because of prop c, correct, so there is only one affordable unit. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioners there is a motion and a second to approve with conditions. commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner moore. >> aye. >> commissioner sugaya. >> aye. >> commissioner wu. >> aye. >> commissioner president fong. >> aye. >> so moved that passes unanimously seven to zero and places you on items 15a and b
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for case number listed x and c at 1400 mission street, request for determination for compliance and conditional use authorization. >> good afternoon commissioners. e lithe beghtd [inaudible] from planning staff. the action is for two actions regarding the affordable housing at 1400 mission street. it's located at tenth and mission street in the downtown area and the support district with split height and bulk district. the proposed -- the project proposes construction of mix use building with max height of 150 feet tall and varies along mission street and along the tenth street frontage. the building contains affordable housing dwelling
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units. retail space. up to 42 parking spaces accessed off of jessie street and 70 bike spaces. the affordable housing dwelling units satisfy the off site market requirement of the project on folsom street and for households earning up to 150% of median income and additional on site bmr units. the sponsor project will give a presentation but i would like to focus on the policy and regulatory issues. in order to proceed it requires determination under the code with grants of several exceptions from the section of the code providing that the commission makes specific findings with regard to rear yard, off street loading and conditions. compliance with
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the criteria for each exception is described in the motions in your packet. i will be happy to discuss any of the specific exceptions in detail if you have questions, but staff believes the exemptions are wandered and meet the criteria in the code. it requires the conditional use authorization to allow additional square footage above the dwelling area and available to households income is within 150% of the area's median income. i am happy to specific details of this but staff believes that the cu authorization is warranted and priority of the city to create more affordable housing especially for families. in conclusion the department supports the project and supports the goals of the commission and with address to public transit and warkable urban context. it's desirable and compatible with the
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neighborhood and meets the code except with the sections in the application. the department is not aware of any opposition to the project and staff recommends that the commission approve the project with conditions. lastly language was omitted from the draft motions and with the mitigation monitoring and recording program and included in the packet as exhibit c. should you approve the project staff will fix the language and thank you and i am available for questions. >> thank you. project sponsor. >> president fong, commissioners, director, i am don falk director of tenderloin neighborhood corporation and here with mara blift swrer. we have been working since 2000 to develop the site and our
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preference was to develop affordable housing housing there. however that has been so environment in the environment when the opportunity to develop this as home ownership emerged we were excited about it. we are pleased to offer an opportunity to make affordable homes that will make a positive impact on the neighborhood and the city at large. what we will end up with is a project that has 190 affordable -- 70% of the median income and retail. 63% of the units are two bedroom and larger so for families and we will be working hard to identify low and moderate income families in the neighborhood to qualify for the housing. we encourage you to support the determination of the planning staff and provide the conditional use authorization
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and other entitlements they recommended. thank you for your support of affordable housing and tdnc. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i am steve perry with brandel architects. i am the architect of record and i have additional documents i would like to hand out. so what i am handing out to you is some additional renderings and diagrams showing the urban design and new elevations with context. so here we have our
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building, an aerial view, showing the context and just to start off i want to show you we have the b of a data center to our west, mercy housing to our east, and the new crescent heights building to our north, and if you could please turn two pages to the first diagram. so what i would like to do is back out a little bit and show the urban form and how it's shaped in the downtown area where it starts to build up into the market van ness area. in our first move with our building what we have done is kept our